Banana Bonanza: Display Featuring 31,751 Kg Of Bananas Breaks World Record – Healthy Food 2022

Guinness World Records sees a different level of competition every year. People participate in numerous categories and break some of the most bizarre records. Take, for instance, making the world’s biggest cake pop or even growing the highest number of tomatoes from one stem! While there is no end to such records, one more has been added to this list! This time, it is for the largest food display. The World’s largest fruit display was set up outside a store in the tranquil suburb of Westmont in the United States’ Illinois state on June 8, 2022. In an attempt to set a Guinness World Record, more than 70,000 pounds (about 31,751 kg) of bananas were stacked in a massive display.

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Fruit supplier, Fresh Del Monte and retail operator Jewel-Osco, collaborated on the display. They agreed to create a big banana stand outside a Jewel-Osco store in Westmont. Their effort paid off, as a Guinness adjudicator declared the fruit display, named Banana Bonanza, to be the “world’s largest fruit display.” The Westmont Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau posted photos of the fruit display and declared the Guinness World Record award on its official Facebook page. They noted that the fruit display took three days to make while sharing the photos. They also added, “The bananas were distributed to the crowd present, and the balance is being donated to the food bank for distribution throughout the region.” Check out the full post here. 

Confederacao de Agricultura e Pecuaria do Brasil held the previous Guinness World Record in 2016 when it gathered 41,459.78 pounds (18,805 kg) of fruit in one location in Brazil. This record saw a variety of 19 different fruits. These fruits were also distributed at the end of the event.

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As people keep setting such records, they leave us amazed every time. What do you think about the world’s largest fruit display? Let us know in the comments below!

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