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Cake Cutting Hack: Viral Video Shows How To Get Neat Slices In Seconds – Healthy Food 2022

Picture this – you’re at a birthday or anniversary party. The candles have just been blown out and somebody asks you to cut the slices and serve the cake to the guests! Although this seems to be an easy task, it can actually get quite complicated at times. How do you cut the cake to make each slice seem equal? Can you get the cake out of the tray into the plates without making a mess? While there are many techniques for cutting cakes, a recent viral hack that we saw simply seemed to be the best. An Instagram video showed us an extremely handy cake-cutting hack that gives neat slices in a matter of seconds. Take a look:

The video was shared on Instagram Reels by @chile.paisdevideos. It has gone viral ever since, garnering over 14.8 million views and 268k likes. “This actually works. You have to try this,” read the caption to the video.

In some cake-cutting hacks on the internet, there is actually the usage of huge knives or other complicated equipment. But this game-changing hack required just one tool – a simple tong. Rather than being used the correct way, the tongs were reversed in the video. Then, the open part between the two prongs was used to cut out a perfectly sized slice by pushing it all the way down to the base. The tongs were then used to pick up the slice and serve it on the plate!

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Many other similar cake cutting hacks had gone viral earlier, but this is clearly the most convenient.

How simple and convenient right? This cake-cutting hack mesmerised internet users who couldn’t believe how easy it was. “We can serve cake to 34 people with that portion,” commented one user in Spanish while another wrote, “Well give me 3 of those at least right?” Some others didn’t like the idea, as they said, “My aunt was outraged watching this video.”

This is not the only birthday cake hack that has gone viral in the past. In the year 2020, when people were celebrating special occasions in the lockdown, another similar hack surfaced online. The hack interestingly suggested using wine glasses to cut out individual portions of the cake. This would reduce contact and also be a fun way to share the cake!

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