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For Malaika Arora, It’s “Pasta And Sandwich Kinda Day” – Healthy Food 2022

Malaika Arora never ceases to amaze us with her food diaries. She likes to document her indulgences online and share them with her fans on social media. Despite the envious physique that she has successfully maintained over the years, the diva manages to try out a variety of dishes from time to time. Malaika recently shared some glimpses of her meal and we are in love. The actress, who has a soft spot for homecooked treats, devoured a lip-smacking meal today. 

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On her Instagram Stories, we saw some yummy spaghetti pasta being cooked in a pan. The hearty dish was prepared with juicy cherry tomatoes and basil leaves along with the other quintessential ingredients, sauces and mild spices of course. Giving it a filmy twist, she wrote, “It’s pasta time… Aakri pasta @chunkypanday.” She also added the hashtag “Homemade.” For the unversed, Aakhri Pasta is Chunky Panday’s iconic character from the Bollywood movie series – Housefull.

Take a look:

Her next Instagram Stories featured a view of her table. The scrumptious pasta was served nicely on a platter. Malaika introduced another addition to her meal with this picture. Alongside the popular Italian dish, we could also see a different plate of a tasty “sandwich.” There was a bowl of salad as well loaded with sliced cucumber. Malaika wrote, “Pasta n sandwich kinda day,” and added the hashtag “Homemade”

Many celebrities openly express their love for biryani and why not? The spicy, flavourful rice dish deserves all our affection. You would be happy to know that Malaika Arora isn’t any different. A few days ago, the actress was gushing over biryani cooked with chunks of luxurious meat. In the snippet shared by her, we could spot a bowl of raita, with onions, tomatoes, and green chilli chopped along with the main dish. The biryani was sent to her by her neighbours Iqbal and Shabana.   

Malaika Arora’s enticing food stories often leave us with a rumbling tummy. And something similar happened on the day when she shared a video of her sister Amrita Arora’s son Azaan Ladak relishing a bowl meal. The bowl was brimming with super delectable soupy noodles, chicken chunks and even lettuce. Malaika stated, “Everything tastes delicious in a bowl.”

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Whether she is chilling at home or is busy travelling somewhere, Malaika Arora always relishes her meals with utmost sincerity. And more often than not, she is seen chomping on homecooked food. Even during her “one night in Goa”, she preferred desi food. We saw her digging in a bowl of curry, and dal. There was a plate of salad as well, filled with cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, green chilli, and lemon on her dinner table. 

We have always appreciated Malaika Arora’s foodie side and cannot wait to see more of it.

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