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If we were to describe perfect vintage decor, it would be an amalgamation of different elements of the past, new designs, some artifacts, space utilization, layout, and of course the vibes of the residents. There is a certain magic and charm in the old world era, which attracts people to design their homes a vintage style. Match the mood of that era while keeping in mind the modern-day decor. We got talking to Husain Johar, Founder and Creative Head, to know how to beautifully infuse vintage charms into modern day décor.

For a rustic and earthy feel, use colours like amber, ginger, dusty rose, chocolate, walnut, and similar palettes. Some artifacts which enhance the charm of such homes are old-age telephones, wall fans, sewing machines, heavily cushioned sofas, low-hanging ceiling fans, traditional carpets, old dining tables, old mirrors, chests, and other such stuff.

The use of rugs and carpets also aids in optimal space utilization. The right texture is important as well. Natural textures like stone or wood help create a laid-back look and avoid an overly designed feel.

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If one wants to add a touch of grace and glamour to the living room, a good old glass chandelier really works. Floral patterns will look great on cushions, curtains, and upholstery too. There can be two types of walls – monochromatic or with patterned wallpapers. If you decide to cover them with pure white, it is important to pay attention to the appropriate furniture and accessories. Remember, the more design elements, the less number of colours. Talking of laminates, one should go for matte laminates instead of gloss laminates.

Walls can be decorated with black and white family photographs in wooden frames. Instead of wall or kitchen shelves, the use of niches gives an older world feel. A niche is a recess or alcove in a wall that can be used for display or storage. An old iron and a kettle in the kitchen can work wonders in giving the kitchen a vintage feel too.

Coming to the bedrooms, a beautiful rug goes a long way in lending a warm and cozy feel. Low lighting is another must-have as bright lights can dampen the mood and the vibes of the bedroom. As much as it is difficult to execute in today’s day and age, reducing technology from the bedroom and instead adding elements like books, flowers and plants can work the old-world magic.

Vintage is a mix of modern and classic styles and is aimed at creating a living space that is simple, comfortable, and evokes nostalgia. It is in vogue and is certainly not going to go out of style anytime soon. After all, it is about paying homage to the bygone era.

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