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Is Old Cooked Rice Healthier Than Fresh Rice; Expert Reveals – Healthy Food 2022

One can say that rice is the soul of Indian meals. We not only have it steamed but also mixed with masalas, vegetables for pulao, or as everyone’s favourite, biryani! Without a doubt, rice is loved by everyone. But, those who are trying to lose weight or watching their diet mostly skip the rice, thinking that it is unhealthy. But is it really? Recently, Nutritionist Pooja Makhija shared a video where she explained that one-day-old rice is better than fresh rice, and her tip will surely surprise you.

The nutritionist took to Instagram to share about low GI rice. At the beginning of the video, she says that one-day-old cooked stale rice is better than piping hot fresh rice. Further, she explains that many studies have proven that cooling of the cooked starch causes a process known as starch retrogradation which converts digestible starch into resistant starch. To put it in simple terms, when one cooks high starch food such as rice or potatoes and cools it down, it converts digestible starch into resistant starch. Digestible starch is the one which our body breaks down, and our blood sugar levels rise.

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In comparison, the resistant starch doesn’t break down. She also adds that this starch is not bad for you since it is probiotic. This does not spike the blood sugar level and is healthy for the gut!

Sounds surprising, doesn’t it? Well, if you also have one-day-old rice and wish to make something out of it, how about trying an easy recipe of delicious egg and garlic fried rice!? This recipe only requires a few ingredients and will give you a new delightful taste. Check out the full recipe below:

Egg Garlic Fried Rice Recipe: Here’s How To Make Egg Garlic Fried Rice

Add the minced garlic to the medium-heated oil in the pan. Cook till golden brown. Add a teaspoon of red chilli, ginger, and spring onion. For one minute, sauté. Add an egg broken in the pan. Scramble the mixture while cooking. After that, add the leftover rice and gently stir everything together. Pour soy sauce over the rice after combining in salt and black pepper powder. In a bowl, serve the fried rice topped with spring onions.

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If you are searching for more such leftover rice recipes, click here.

Try these out and let us know how you liked their taste!

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