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Karisma Kapoor’s Idli Indulgence Will Leave You With Hunger Pangs – Healthy Food 2022

Karisma Kapoor is quite an unapologetic foodie. She often expresses her unabashed love for all things delicious on social media. Be it home-cooked biryani or some exotic delicacies, we have seen Karisma having it all with equal dedication. Now, on a fine Friday afternoon, she chomped on a classic South Indian dish and left us hungry. Her Instagram Stories featured a platter full of delicious white rice idlis and what looked like ragi idlis. With that, we could also spot a bowl of sambar. Of course, the meal was accompanied by a range of chutneys – coconut and tomato. To spice it all up, there was a bowl of green chillies. In her post, Karisma has dropped a question for her Instafam. It read, “Idli anyone?” and left the viewers with two options “Yes” and “No.” Yes, always. Karisma, are you listening?

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If Karisma Kapoor’s South Indian spread made you crave idlis, we have something for you. Why don’t you cook this much-loved South staple at home? For guidance, refer to these five yummy recipes below:

1. Rice idli

This classic recipe makes for a perfect breakfast option. Pair it up with some flavourful sambar and coconut chutney.  

2. Ragi idli

For a high-protein breakfast, you must try out this healthy recipe. Ragi, also known as nachni, is highly nutritious. Prepare these super tempting idlis, at home, and serve them with steaming hot sambar and chutneys.

3.Multigrain idli

Idli is versatile and it can be cooked with a number of ingredients. This multi-grain idli is wholesome, tasty and gives your meal a healthy twist. Ragi, bajra, jowar, wheat flours are used in making this dish along with some urad dal and fenugreek (methi) seeds.   

4. Chicken keema idli

Yes, this sumptuous recipe will surely trigger the tastebuds of chicken lovers. These idlis carry the goodness of chicken keema. It hardly takes about 15 minutes to get this dish ready. 

5. Poha idli

Are you among those who get instant idli cravings? If yes, then this recipe is your stop. All you need is poha, rava, curd and some salt. Mix them together, and pour them into an idli maker.  That’s it.

If there’s any idli recipe that appealed to your liking, don’t forget to try it out at home.   

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