Kepler Brooks Citius Mesh High Back Adjustable, Ergonomic & Reclining Office/Desk Chair (Black & White) Computer Accessories

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Price: ₹48,000.00 - ₹24,999.00
(as of Jun 07,2022 14:22:05 UTC – Details)

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                                                      <img alt="Citius, Ergonomic,Kepler Brooks, Office Chair, Furniture, High Back Office Chair, Lumbar Support" src="" class="a-spacing-mini a-lazy-loaded" data-src=",0,300,300_PT0_SX300_V1___.png"/><noscript><img alt="Citius, Ergonomic,Kepler Brooks, Office Chair, Furniture, High Back Office Chair, Lumbar Support" src=",0,300,300_PT0_SX300_V1___.png"/></noscript>   <br>【WATERFALL SEAT DESIGN】- Citius seat cover is made of oil proof and waterproof Fabric ensuring it is user friendly. The seat is designed with a slope just like a waterfall towards the front edge of the cushion to reduce pressure on lower thighs and calves and ensure they remain in contact with the cushion.<br>【2:1 SYNCHRO TILT MECHANISM】- Citius chair comes with 2:1 Synchro Tilt Mechanism which means it is designed such that every time a user pushes the backrest by 2°, the seat moves along by 1°. This ensures the chair is designed to support every movement of the human body while it's operating on the chair. This helps in reducing fatigue and makes the work hours comfortable.<br>【4 POSITIONS RECLINE LOCK】- The chair can be locked at 4 recline positions giving users the luxury of using the chair as per their requirement. This feature ensures the chair is ergonomic and is designed to provide support to different postures during the long day’s work.<br>【SLIDING SEAT WITH SEAT LOCK】- A seat sliding feature encourages better back support by ensuring the back of the chair is in contact with the correct part of your back. It also helps relieve pressure from the back of the knees by helping spread the weight over the full surface area of the seat. A seat slide mechanism also automatically makes the chair more adjustable to different people's needs. Drag the seat forward to adjust its depth to ensure your feet are placed flat on the ground.<br>【4D ADJUSTABLE ARMRESTS WITH SOFT PU TOP 】- Citius is built to provide 4 Dimensional Freedom to users while using the Armrest. Users can adjust the width,height of the armrests,slide it to and fro and rotate the arm rests as per their upper body motion. They provide support to your upper body, keeping you feeling comfortable for longer hours . Adjustable Armrests guide your arms into a relaxed position, placing less stress on your shoulders and neck.<br>【ADJUSTABLE HEADREST & LUMBAR SUPPORT 】- Users can adjust the height and position of the Head rest. The headrest support is made of breathable high elastic mesh to provide extra comfort to users. The headrest is designed to provide support to the cervical spine to relieve pressure on the neck and reduce chances of pain .The lumbar support is adjustable and its height can be adjusted by rotating the knob on the backrest. Users can adjust it to provide additional support to their back.</br><br>

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