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Masaba Gupta Spills The Beans On Her Preferred Superfoods And Diet – Healthy Food 2022

Whether you call her one of the most prominent fashion designers in India or the actress who won our hearts in ‘Modern Love,’ Masaba Gupta indeed has become an icon for many. While you may have seen her doing a multitude of things, Masaba is also a fitness frantic whose daily workout routine always motivates us! If you follow her on Instagram, we are sure you must have seen her exercise and follow a strict diet regime. While this surely requires a lot of discipline, it is also essential to have the knowledge of what goes into your diet when you are trying to eat healthy. And if you are wondering what goes into Masaba’s diet, then you are in luck! The actress recently held an Instagram AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, where she revealed her daily meals.

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Taking to Instagram, Masaba first shared a story of how it’s been a while since she had interacted with her fans and would do an AMA session! While many people asked her different questions, her choice of food really caught our attention. First, someone asked her, “Which supplements or superfoods would you recommend for strong hair?” To this, Masaba mentioned a bunch of superfoods that one can have. She said, “Lots of salmon or any fish you like, amla, a handful of nuts, berries and flaxseeds (roasted) at around 4 PM, and bananas and peaches (peaches have natural biotin)” Take a look at her story here:

Next, another person asked her, “What do you eat in a day?” To this, Masaba said, “Breakfast is almost always poha or avocado toast or moong dal chilla.” For lunch, the designer prefers proteins and veggies with rice, and for dinner, she goes for soup and vegetables or soup and some protein. She also added, “If I have a snack, it’s some seasonal fruit and lots of water!” Check out her story here:

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Her diet seems to be a good balance of all the nutrients. As she keeps sharing about her food choices and routine, we can’t wait to see what tip Masaba will share with her fans and followers next. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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