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Naked Crepe, Dunked Doughnut And More: US Eatery’s South Indian Menu Leaves Twitter Talking – Healthy Food 2022

Restauranteurs go super creative with their food menu. From the designs to the name of the dishes, they try to make it all creative. In fact, they are in constant tussle to be in the limelight in multiple unique ways. And the best part is, we get to see it all on the internet. Amidst all these, we came across a few such initiatives that grabbed our attention and initiated conversations on social media. Take this recent Twitter post, for instance. A Twitter user named ‘Inika’ shared a post featuring a screenshot of a restaurant menu card. It seemed to be an US-based restaurant serving South Indian dishes; but what made us facepalm are the names of the dishes. Imagine what a simple sambar-vada is called?! No points for guessing – it’s ‘Dunked Doughnut Delight’. You heard us.

As per the Twitter post, idli-sambar is called ‘Dunked Rice Cake Delight’ and plain dosa is referred to as ‘Naked Crepe’. Check out the complete post here:

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Can’t believe your eyes; right? Like us, several people on Twitter too couldn’t do the same. And in no time, the post went viral, and people started reacting to the names with funny, witty and even disappointed comments.

“Sacrilege! When we are calling a pizza a pizza everywhere in the world! Why not dosa?!” wrote one. Another person commented, “Why can’t they use the original names? Other things can be given in explanation. Sushi is called sushi everywhere and not ‘Raw boneless fish chunks wrapped in celery’.” A third comment read, “If Medu Vada had association, they would have sued them till now.”

Find some other comments below:

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What are your thoughts on these unique (or bizarre) names on the menu? Do let us know in the comments below.

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