Padma Lakshmi Shares Her Secret, Desi Way Of Enjoying Fruits – Healthy Food 2022


Padma Lakshmi may just be living the dream life for foodies. While she started out as a model, she managed to navigate her career in the world of food! Now, she is a celebrated author who has penned food-inspired books, the television host of one of the most popular cooking shows and she even produced her own travel and food docu-series. She loves food in every way possible, whether it is eating or cooking; and she doesn’t shy away from sharing her likes and dislikes with her social media family. If you have been following Padma Lakshmi on Instagram, then you’d know that despite living in the United States Of America for so many years, she still has a strong penchant for Indian food! 

Padma Lakshmi uses her social media to share her Indian food culture with the 1.3 million people that follow her. We can always find the cooking tips she uses on a daily basis. Today, she shared her secret of enjoying fruits during summer, and let us tell you, it is the desi way! 

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Summer is all about indulging in a plate of fresh fruits. Often we sprinkle some salt, chaat masala or chilli powder on our plate of fruits to add some zing to the sweetness of the fruit. Guess what? Even Padma Lakshmi follows this desi foodie habit! Take a look: 

She shared a video of how she enjoys her grilled pineapple by seasoning it with some tajin. For those who don’t know what tajin is, this is a spicy seasoning made from paprika, red chillis and salt. While adding a desi zing to the pineapples, she also mentioned how she used to enjoy spicing up her fruits in India. She says, “When I was little, we used to take green mango, in India, and we would put chilli, salt, sometimes even lime!”  

Do you also like to add some masala to your fruits like Padma Lakshmi? Do tell us in the comments section below! 

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