The Best Budget Eyeliners Available In India

The Best Budget EYELINERS Available In India

The Best Budget Eyeliners Available In India

A beauty product that’s been an absolute staple in every woman’s makeup bag for decades together is eyeliner! Smooth, pigmented & a one-step method to transforming the look of your bare face, these eyeliners on my list are absolute must-haves! I believe eyeliners play a crucial role in enhancing the most important feature of your face, your eyes, and Maybelline’s Colossal Liner has been a favourite for quite some time now!

Gone are the days when you had to sit with your eyes closed and wait for your eyeliner to dry, impatiently while you were running late. As quick and smooth as the application of this product is, its drying time is equally fast. The flexible tip eases the application to a great extent which helps you achieve a perfect winged eyeliner effortlessly! The intense pigmentation prevents a streaky application and makes your eyes look absolutely gorgeous.

It is smudge-proof which makes it perfect for those that struggle with humid weather and even for those that wear glasses – it’s not going anywhere! I’ve had this product stay put on my oily eyelids for even 7-8 hours at a stretch, which definitely makes it a 10 on 10! My second most used eyeliner has to be Lakme’s 9 To 5 Liner. Liquid eyeliners that dry with a shiny finish photograph extremely poorly so that’s not an option for me especially when I’m shooting, which is why I keep turning back to this richly pigmented one that dries down matte and stays put even on the most hectic days.

It’s a fine tip that lets you achieve an extremely precise line with minimal effort so you can go as thick or thin as you please depending on the kind of look you want to achieve whether it’s super minimal or very dramatic. Its liquid consistency glides on beautifully and is also very easy to take off in spite of being waterproof. I look at that as an absolute bonus because I know how stubborn eyeliner can be when it’s time to get your makeup off.  It comes in 5 different & interesting shades, from deep mattes to shimmery golds to help you achieve the exact look that you desire!

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Now that we’ve covered liquid liners let’s jump into another beginner-friendly yet versatile product – gel pot eyeliners!  A gel liner is something you must have if you are not very confident with your eyeliner application, especially this particular kit from LA Girl that comes with a brush as well as it’s one of the easiest formulas to work with. The small brush that it comes with also ensures a more steady hold and control when you’re laying down the product. This creamy product comes in 3 neutral shades which are great for everyday use and since it’s waterproof and smudge-proof it makes it perfect for oily lids. My favourite attribute of this product is that it does not get flakey like most long-lasting formulas making it really comfortable to wear throughout the day! Applicators are the most important when you are working with gel eyeliner and Forever 52’s Gel Liner comes with not just one but 2 different applicators which help me achieve elaborate and versatile looks with ease!

One is slightly angled and can be used to create the perfect wing or even clean up uneven edges while the other has the sharpest tip to get a precise thin line on the eyelid! Its smooth long-lasting gel formula is waterproof and smudge-proof and something I pick for all my special events! With uniquely formulated eyeliners hitting the market every day, the need for kohl has somewhat died down around the world, but a richly pigmented kajal that complements our beautiful Indian eyes could not be left out of this list! The Faces Gel Kajal is intensely pigmented so whether you use it as kohl for the waterline or a swipe of jet black on the lid, it gives you a full coverage effect in one go! It’s time to stop being afraid of using eyeliners! The right products and a little bit of practice are all you need to sport that perfect wing! Until next time stay tuned & stay Glamorous.

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