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There are often times when life feels complicated and confusing, and when we seriously need a burst of motivation to get through the day. On such days, a quick scroll through social media will reveal a plethora of videos and content on the internet that inspires us and spur a change in perspective. Sometimes we learn that life is all about celebrating the little moments and small victories that come along our way. And this was exactly the message that we got from a recently surfaced video. In the clip, a girl with Down syndrome was preparing her own lunch with extreme care. The internet was left thoroughly impressed with her. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Instagram Reels by @a_little_extra_jayne (aka Jayne) who is living with Down syndrome. In the clip, she was preparing her own lunch much to the surprise of her mother. The little girl had peeled carrots, made sandwiches and also kept some chips on the side. When she was caught on camera, she was peeling and cutting up some strawberries for her lunch box. “You’re cutting up your own strawberries,” asked her surprised mother, to which she happily exclaimed, “I’m almost a mom!”

The internet couldn’t help but applaud her amazing achievement and the fact that she was learning to do her chores by herself. “This girl has always been so independent! And when she wants to do something or wants me to know she has already done something, she would say “I’m almost a mom!” because that means she can do whatever she wants right,” explained her mother in the caption. “Gosh I love this girl-her sweetness, how independent she is and that sass when she reluctantly says “Love you too” at the end of the video,” she added.

The internet was all praise for the adorable girl with Down syndrome. The video too went viral, garnering over 3.6 million views and 258k likes since the time it was shared. Thousands of users also poured in their comments on the video. Many of the followers called her ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’ and praised her growth towards independence. “She is oh my god so beautiful. Congratulations to such a gorgeous girl,” read one comment. “You know you’ve made it as a mom when your kid under 12 can cut fruits and veggies better than Kendall Jenner, an almost 30-year-old,” laughed another one.

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