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Watch: This Easy Hack Cleans Burnt Grease On Pans In A Matter Of Minutes – Healthy Food 2022

The right kind of cookware is one of the most essential components of a kitchen. Whether it is frying pans or tawas, kadhais or pressure cookers – these vessels are a must-have in every household. One important thing to keep in mind is to check that the pans are clean and do not have any leftover grease or residue in them. Sometimes, the burnt grease sticks to the pan and refuses to budge in spite of multiple washes. This is not only problematic for the dish we are making, but also harmful for our health. An Instagram blogger recently shared an easy hack that can help clean burnt grease in a matter of minutes! Wondering what it is? Take a look and see for yourself:

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The blogger named @isuckatcleaning has become quite popular across the internet for her cleaning videos. She and her husband demonstrate all sorts of cleaning processes for their fans and followers – from car cleaning to office organising. In the easy hack to clean burnt grease from a pan, the blogger used a mixture of two things – Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda. First, she took a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide on a sponge and scrubbed the dark spots on the pan. Next, she washed the pan and got it quite clean. The final step involved baking soda and a toothbrush, which gave the pan a final shine and made it absolutely clean.

How simple and effective, right? The easy hack surely got a lot of views and likes online. While the blogger used this combination for cleaning the bottom of the pan, it could be extended to the insides of the pan too. The blogger also said that it is not an absolute compulsion to clean the bottom of the pan. “You do not have to clean the bottom of the pan. This is not a requirement. Don’t feel bad if you’re not doing this. It’s just an aesthetic,” she said in the clip.

Baking soda can act as an effective cleansing agent. Photo: iStock

Baking soda is not the only component that you can use to clean burnt grease from your pan. There are a number of other kitchen ingredients that can double up as cleansing agents to make your pans spick and span. From ketchup to salt, a lot of these ingredients are easily available in our kitchen.

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