Weekend Special: These 7 Meals Are Perfect To Make When You Don’t Want To Cook – Healthy Food 2022


The weekend is here, and all of us have different ideas of how we want to enjoy it. Some may sit back and relax, some may go out with their friends, and some may simply want to do nothing. And if you fall in that last category, then we are sure you might not want to spend time cooking different things. For you, just a simple and quick meal does the work. However, if you are unsure what can be made with minimum effort for maximum taste, fret not; we have you covered! Here, we bring you some lazy weekend meals that will make your mouth water! Check out the recipes below:

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1. Dal Tadka And Jeera Rice (Our Recommendation)

Nothing feels and tastes better than a simple bowl of yellow dal mixed with rice. It’s a match made in heaven! In this simple recipe, all you need to do is prepare the dal in a cooker and top it with some spicy tadka. Plus, the rice takes hardly any time to cook. This recipe is best for any day.

2. Indo-Chinese Veg Stir-Fry

The crunchy and tasty stir-fried Indo-Chinese meals rule over our hearts! With this love for Indo-Chinese cuisine in mind, a Chinese-style vegetable stir-fry is one of the greatest ways to reuse the assortment of vegetables you have on hand. Try out this recipe today.

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3. Paneer Tikka Roll

Everyone enjoys a platter of hot and spicy paneer tikkas, and what better way to incorporate them into your diet than to turn them into a quick supper option. You can make this paneer tikka roll from scratch or with leftover paneer tikkas or roti.

Paneer Tikka Roll

4. Tomato Rice

This tangy rice dish is prepared similarly to pulao, and goes well with yoghurt and chutney. This rice dish, tossed with the goodness of tomatoes, hard spices, and onions, is ideal for lazy days. It’s a staple in many households.

Tomato Rice

5. Kerala Mango Curry

This mango curry is perfect for any day of the week. So, if you don’t want to make a mess in the kitchen and want something simple to eat, this is the recipe for you! It only requires a few ingredients and has the perfect tangy taste to make you drool!

6. Masala Egg Curry

Boiled eggs are cooked in a spicy sauce to make Egg Masala Curry. This tasty dish is zesty due to the use of tomatoes and spices in its preparation. This recipe goes well with a simple roti or just some rice.

Egg Masala Curry

7. Mix Pakoda Platter

As the monsoon season is about to kick in, many parts of India are already witnessing rainfalls. In this season, what’s better than some delish and crisp pakodas?! Pair this platter with spicy chutney, a soothing garlic dip, and some tea once it’s done! This platter will fill your stomach and leave you satisfied to the core. You can add almost all your veggies to this and turn them into pakodas.

Try out these delicious meals over the weekend, and let us know which one was your favourite!

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