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Contrary to popular belief that mangoes may lead to weight gain due to their high sugar content, the fruit may actually help with weight loss. The trick is to eat in moderation and combine it with other healthy ingredients to convert it into low-cal meals. Instead of making ice creams or sugar-laden milkshakes with mango, make a healthy smoothie with it to rev up your weight loss diet. While the summer season is still giving us this full-of-nutrients fruit, use it to make delicious and healthy recipes like mango oats smoothie. It is low-carb, low-fat, dairy-free, sugar-free and all things good for health. 

Oats, being high in fibre, is an excellent food for a weight loss diet. Likewise, mangoes are a great weight loss-friendly food too. Dietitian Shikha Kumari explains, “According to research, mangoes contain certain bioactive compounds and phytochemicals that reduce the production of fat cells and fat-related genes, making it a good option to control weight.”

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Oats and mangoes come together to make this terrific smoothie, which also carries additional benefits from chia seeds. These seeds offer their high nutritional content including proteins and healthy fats that make this smoothie a complete, well-rounded breakfast meal – perfect to kick-start the day. 

This recipe was shared by nutritionist Tanvee Tutlani on her Instagram page ‘dietsmart_tanveetutlani’.  

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Mango Oats Smoothie Recipe I How To Make Mango Oats Smoothie For Breakfast 

The recipe is pretty simple. All you have to do is boil oats and chia seeds together. Once soft, let it cool down. Then cut a mango into cubes and blend together with the boiled oats and chia seeds till you get the thick, dense and yummy smoothie. 

Tanvee Tutlani also suggests using not more than two spoons of oats as too much of it may mask the delicious taste of mango and ruin the dish for you. 

Make use of the most loved summer fruit – mango and revamp your weight loss diet with this sumptuous smoothie. Want more options? Here is a list of some healthy smoothie recipes you can add to your weight loss diet chart. 

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