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Where Do You Like To Eat On Vacation? Twitter Users Discuss In Viral Thread – Healthy Food 2022

When it comes to travelling and vacations, everyone has their own set of preferences. Some prefer to keep it light and relaxed, while others would choose to go for exploration and adventure. One category of travellers is keen on staying at a luxurious resort, whereas others may be in for camping or homestays. Even food preferences on vacations are quite different for various people as we noticed in a recent Twitter thread. A user shared her take on what ‘rules’ she follows while on vacation, and the rule about where to eat was indeed relatable for users. Take a look:

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The Twitter user explained that she would prefer to spend more on hotels and would also like to explore local restaurants and cuisines, rather than going for fast food outlets that she could anyway try in her home country. “My two biggest vacation rules are no cheap hotels & no eating at places we can eat at home,” wrote @xqueenc_ in her tweet. The post has gone viral, receiving over 146k likes and 22k retweets at the time of writing.

The viral tweet about where to eat on vacation was the subject of much discussion online. Some felt that it was an excellent idea that would prompt us to spend money on local food joints and explore the cuisines of the country they were travelling to. Others argued that the regional menus of global fast-food chains like KFC and McDonald’s could be different in each country. “Burger king korea got stuff on the menu I didn’t even know was possible,” commented one user while another agreed, “I used to have that 2nd rule until I found out every country makes every fast-food WAY better than we do!”

Take a look at the reactions to the tweet:

This is not the only Twitter discussion that has gone viral recently. In the recent past, users on the micro-blogging platform debated on the topic of cereal. The sides of the argument were whether milk goes first into the bowl or cereal grains.

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