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World Milk Day 2022: Take A Look At 7 Timeless Milk-Based Dessert Recipes – Healthy Food 2022

We’re all aware of the various health benefits of milk. It’s an important part of our daily diet because of its strong nutritional profile and use in a range of foods. Every year on June 1, World Milk Day is commemorated to honour the importance of this dairy product. This day was established by the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization in 2001 to promote milk and milk products. Apart from drinking milk raw every day, we utilise it to make a variety of decadent sweet delicacies.  So, this World Milk Day, let’s whip up some delectable milk-based treats and celebrate at home. Don’t worry if you do not have the recipes. We’ve taken care of it

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Here are seven must-try milk-based recipes”

1) Kheer

It’s difficult to imagine festivals or other happy occasions without this desi delight. Kheer, made with rice, milk and dry fruits, is a delicious pudding. It serves as a perfect dessert option after a meal. The best thing about it is that you can have it hot or cold based on your preference.

2) Rabri

This is one delicious milk-based dessert loved by all. Rabri is very popular at social gatherings, dinner parties or any celebratory occasion. This creamy dessert can be made quickly at home with just a few ingredients. You can also pair it up with other desserts like kulfis or jalebis.

3) Milk cake

This is a great sweet dish for milk lovers. It’s buttery, rich and so tasty that just a slice of it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Milk cake melts in your mouth and works as a great accompaniment with your hot cuppa in the evening. After you prepare it, don’t forget to top it with a silver leaf, cardamom powder, and a drizzle of cream.

4) Sewai

We cannot imagine festivities without sewai. This dessert will always occupy a special place in our hearts. However, if you are craving it already, make a bowl for yourself. The main ingredients required to whip this include milk, sugar and some dry fruits.


5) Almond milk thandai

During summer, all we want to do is enjoy cold beverages. And it would be wrong to discuss desi drinks (made with milk) and not mention thandai. Almond milk thandai is spiced, flavoured milk that is very refreshing. As the name suggests, this thandai immediately cools you down and serves as a perfect drink for summer.

6) Paneer payesh

This is a fully milk-rich dessert mainly savoured by Bengalis. Payesh is almost another version of kheer, usually gorged on after a hearty meal. In this recipe, paneer adds to the taste of the overall dish. The goodness of dry fruits along with milk makes a delicious fare.


7) Rasmalai

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t like to dig in rasmalai. We can never get enough of this one sweet delight no matter how many times we enjoy it. Freshly made chhena balls soaked in flavoured milk are all that we need to set our day right. Usually, you get to relish it at various wedding functions but why not try it out at home?

So, on World Milk Day make these desserts at home and have a great time.

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