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WORLD USABILITY DAY 2022: Every year on the second Thursday of November, the world observes World Usability Day. The date is also mentioned on the UN calendar. The goal of this day is to bring together various communities that can work together to make the world a better place to live. This day also focuses on the responsibility of every user to demand better quality products. World Usability Day, which will fall on November 10 this year, is also known as ‘Make Things Easier’ day.

What is Usability?

“Usability” is a quality that evaluates how efficiently and effectively a person can use a product, as well as how satisfied he or she is with the process. It is defined by 5 quality components:

  1. Learnability
  2. Efficiency
  3. Memorability
  4. Errors
  5. Customer satisfaction

Why is Usability Important?

When usability standards are met, the product’s interface is transparent, resulting in a low cognitive load. This allows the user to concentrate on the task at hand, making decisions more quickly and feeling more satisfied at the end.

A satisfied customer will continue to use the product and is more likely to recommend it to their peers. This will increase the user base and user loyalty, which will boost revenue. So, from a business standpoint, usability is an investment rather than a cost.

World Usability Day 2022: Significance

The day aims to bring together communities of professional, industrial, educational, citizen, and government groups to work towards a common goal– making essential services and products easier to access and use. The purpose of the day is to both celebrate and educate.

Celebrating the creation of usable products and educating the public about how usability affects our daily lives. Its purpose is to improve the way our world works.

World Usability Day 2022: Theme

The theme of World Usability Day 2022 is “Our Health”. The theme for this year is to evaluate systems that provide healthcare in all of its various forms, such as virtual/telehealth, electronic health records, healthcare products, and all digital health-related solutions. This theme will assist us in exploring timely and critical issues such as continuity of care, access to treatment, telemedicine, mental health systems, exercise, nutrition, and many others.

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